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This Regional Transportation Authority map shows a diagram (not to geographical scale) map of all CTA and Metra rail lines and indicates opportunities for connections between them.

The 25-year Sound Transit 3 Plan would expand mass transit in Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties with a range of light rail, commuter rail and bus connections. Choose your starting location to view future service in your area.

On March 12, 1949, General Motors was convicted for monopoly and violating antitrust laws by a federal court. It was fined merely $5000. The fine was not enough to dissuade GM, because the destructions continued using more elaborate "fronts." For example, the selling of the San Diego streetcar system in 1948 (when GM was under indictment), with 104 streetcars, was "to J. L. Haugh, Oakland, for an undisclosed amount" [Moody's Public Utilities Manuals]. Who is this person? The Key System president installed by GM! Previous to that, he was an executive at Pacific City Lines. San Diego's streetcars, which were the new PCC type - still being used to this day in San Francisco - were scrapped in 1949.

DeCamp Bus Lines is a family owned transportation company located in northern, New Jersey that has been in operation since 1870. We began with a stagecoach and ...

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